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Our Services

Strategic Marketing Plans

This is more than, 'Should we advertise on TV or in the newspaper?'  We work with businesses to identify obtainable goals (Increase foot traffic, improve sales of a particular product, generate leads, etc.).  Based on these goals, we use industry trends, advertising media and our experience to recommend a data driven marketing plan that provides the best ROI.  

Branding, Design & Video Ad Creation

We identify your unique selling proposition or public relations message and create your advertising campaigns accordingly.  From video ad production to social media ads, we are able to oversee your creative message.

Advertising Campaign Management

Equally important to your message is what media you use to deliver it.  Television, Radio, Social Media digital advertising and email marketing all have their strengths.  After recommending the media types, we implement negotiate the campaign details with the local/regional media companies.  We meet with you to discuss campaign success, review analytics and make campaign adjustments. 

Events and Promotions

An event or promotion could be an awesome way to promote your business.  Online contests are a great way of building your audience and gathering contact information that can be used to advertise directly to a participant.  From online giveaways to coordinating a national music festival, we have the experience to help.

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